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Shaban - The month of preparing for Ramadan

 Shaban is a blessed month by virtue of the Prophet (saw) who said:

‘Rajab is the month of Allah, Shaban is my month and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah’. [Suyuti]

Unfortunately, its benefits are often overlooked because of the imminent arrival of Ramadan. However, Shaban is packed with opportunities to maximise our good deeds and draw closer to the Prophet (saw). It is also the month in which our deeds are raised to Allah (swt).

The Prophet (saw) used to fast more during this month and would increase the amount of time spent offering voluntary prayers and reciting the Quran to gain extra reward. This was also as an example to us to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) and establish good habits in time for Ramadan.

We should use this month to make good intentions for Ramadan and commit to increasing our worship, good deeds, fasting and voluntary prayers. By starting early, we will be in a far better position to maximise the reward in Ramadan.

The dua of the Prophet (saw), ‘O Allah bless us in Rajab and Shaban and enable us to reach Ramadan’ [Ahmad] is another indicator that Rajab and Shaban are important months to prepare oneself for Ramadan.

However, whilst we busy ourselves with preparing for our Ramadan, let’s spare a thought for the millions of poor Muslims who have no food or clean water with which to open their fasts.

 Whilst millions of Muslims will pay their Zakat, Sadaqah, Fidya & Kaffarah during the month of Ramadan with the hope of receiving extra reward for giving in the month of Ramadan, the needy will be waiting for the support to reach them.

The early generation of Muslims and the traditional scholars were in the habit of paying their Zakat early in the hope that it would reach the needy in time for Ramadan. This is a good practice and Allah (swt) rewards based on intentions.

Please visit our Zakat pages today and make your payment for this year. Or you can pay your Fidya early if you are unwell and not able to fast during Ramadan. You may have outstanding Fidya or Kaffarah amounts outstanding from previous years and these can still be paid now. 

Alternatively, as Shaban is the month of the Prophet (saw), why not follow his Sunnah and be among the people beloved to Allah and His Messenger (saw) by sponsoring an Orphan today? 

It is no coincidence that the Ayah commanding Muslims to send Salawat upon the Prophet (saw) was revealed in the month of Shaban:

Indeed, Allah and His angels sending blessings on the Prophet- so, you who believe, send blessings to him too and give him greetings of peace. [Quran 22:56]

Make the most of this blessed month by sending Salawat on the Prophet (saw), preparing yourself for Ramadan, and giving your Zakat/Fidya/Kaffarah early.

May Allah accept all our efforts during the month of Shaban.


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