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Gaza Helpline: A Beacon of Hope

Gaza Medical Helpline

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ILM and Gxza Health's Critical Collaboration

ILM has teamed up with Gxza Health, an American team of doctors providing essential telehealth services in Gaza. They offer remote medical consultations and prescriptions through WhatsApp and calls, which patients can use to obtain medicines from local pharmacies.

This initiative is crucial for managing chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma, especially when visiting a doctor in person isn't an option. Working with UNRWA, Gxza Health ensures timely medication delivery and coordinates emergency evacuations for urgent care and surgeries.

Support our telehealth project: Your donations make accessible healthcare a reality for Gaza's vulnerable.


  • £140 - Medical Care for 20 Patients
  • £700 - Medical Care for 100 Patients
  • £1,000 - A Pallet of Medicine
  • £7,000 - Medical Care for 1000 Patients

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