Hifz Sponsorship

Providing a child with the resources they need to develop in a healthy, happy, supportive, stable environment is highly rewarding, as is allowing a child to grow closer to Allah (SWT)

Here at ILM UK, we support children from poor or broken families.

Support a Hifz Child

Our Hifz sponsorship programme aims to assist in-country communities to support children in memorising The Holy Quran. The Prophet, peace be upon him, tells us that “the best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others” [Bukhari]. ILM supports communities within Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nepal, Palestine and Malawi with the upkeep of their religious centres, mosques, and Islamic educational programmes. Your donation of just £30 a month will support ILM in delivering Islamic educational programmes to young children throughout Asia and Africa. Our Hifz programme works as an additional educational certificate to supplement the child's secular education. This is not a needs-based programme. We have an open policy in which we allow all children interested in the Hifz programme to participate.

What is Hifz?

The term ‘Hifz’ or ‘Hafiz’ refers to the act of memorising the Qur’an. 

What is Hafiz?

A Hafiz (or a Hafiza for a female) is the name given to someone who has completely memorised the Qur’an. The Hafiz Qur’an benefits are believed to be great. It is said that Allah (SWT) will reward the person for their dedication and, as a result, they will achieve greater status in Paradise. 

It normally takes a child between two and three years to memorise the entire Qur’an and complete his/her studies. Throughout the project, donors are updated with regular feedback on the progress of the Hifz student.

We have supported hundreds of children over the years and encouraged boys and girls to pursue further education after completing their hifz al Qur’an studies. Many have progressed to secure employment.

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How you can help provide for a Hifz Student

Sponsor a Hafiz Student from £30 per student per month, or £360 per class per month.
Single or monthly donations of any amount will help towards our Hafiz appeal.



Faisal Ali lost his father to an accident at the age of four. But this has neither defined him, nor held him back. Today, Faisal is one of the brightest students at Madrasa Faizul Quran –ILM’s Hifz Education boarding school in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh.


100% Zakat Policy

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