About us

Who we are

International Learning Movement (ILM) is a UK registered charity, dedicated to supporting some of the world’s poorest people in developing countries. We tackle poverty at its root, by improving access to education and providing society’s most vulnerable with opportunities for a better quality of life. ILM’s core projects are Education; Orphan Support; and Safe Drinking Water.

Established in 2004, we’re a young charity operating on a small scale to ensure our impact makes a genuine, positive, lasting difference. ILM is based in Blackburn, with the brut of our work happening on the ground, in our country offices across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Our projects focus on aid (food; eye health; emergency relief) as well as sustainable development (water; education; women’s empowerment). We raise funds and awareness to protect the rights of societies most vulnerable: orphans and widows; the elderly and infirm.

ILM’s work would not be possible without the generous support of donors and volunteers. As well as the invaluable partnership of key organisations like the British Council.

Our Work

At ILM, we believe that all human life holds equal value. This is what fuels our driving purpose -‘Caring for All.’ To that end, ILM works through a wide spectrum of projects, which include:

  • Orphan Support, Sponsorship and Education
  • Optical Health and Eye Care
  • Safe Water
  • Education
  • Food Aid
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Vulnerable Adults and Adult Orphan Support
  • Emergency Aid and Disaster Relief

Our Values

ILM’s core values are inspired by the Islamic principle, which honours society’s most marginalised and advocates caring for the vulnerable and underprivileged. We believe in:

Working together: eradicating global poverty is no easy feat, but when united, there’s little that humans cannot change or achieve. ILM strives to build humanitarian, social and cultural links on an international level. To reinforce this message and expand our impact, we work in partnership with leading charities and organisations.

Awareness Raising: The global and social issues our world faces today, relate to us all. Even if many of us in the developed world aren’t directly affected by them. ILM strives to raise awareness of this fact through online appeals and social media. We work to promote better understanding of human rights issues like equal opportunities; gender and social equality; poverty and financial justice. We encourage donors, volunteers and supporters to spread the word and do the same.

Transparency: At ILM, faith values and Islamic principles of charity drive our work. That’s why transparency important to us. We strive to ensure that every donation we receive makes a positive difference for the underprivileged people and communities we work with.

Accountability: At ILM, we believe that everyone is accountable for making the world we live in a better place. And the greater our means, the greater our responsibility to do so. To this end, ILM encourages corporate sponsorship, as a tax efficient way of giving back. It’s also a great way of promoting your company through our charity’s social network.