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ILM UK strives to ensure that children from poor backgrounds are not deprived of a quality education.

Here at ILM, we run 14 schools across four countries that provide vulnerable orphaned children with the opportunity to get an education. With your donations, our schools benefit children from the most underprivileged communities in Malawi, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

As a leading education support charity, we recognise the impact going to school has on children in need. With a good education, orphaned children are granted access to greater employment opportunities in the future, and this helps them to break out of the cycle of poverty and end the pattern of generational hardship, ensuring future generations do not struggle as they did. 

We are one of the most proactive children’s education charities. At our schools, we monitor student progress every six months, and we work closely with our teachers and school and orphanage staff to maintain high educational standards. We encourage staff to contact us frequently about student needs and requirements, and together we build, strengthen and promote supportive pupil/teacher relationships; we focus on responsibility and create opportunities for a personal challenge.

Shams National School

Shams National School is our flagship educational facility. It is based in Gazipur in the Uttar Pradesh province in India. Here, we run classes from nursery stages all the way through to college level. We teach over 3,000 students at this school, and more than half of them come from extremely poor families. Many other students are sponsored by ILM UK donors through our orphaned child sponsorship programme. 

Shams National School is affiliated with the Uttar Pradesh Board of High School and Intermediate Education in Allahabad, India, and it is also closely linked with the British Council in New Delhi. We offer an A-Level education to our college students and are proud to have achieved a 100% pass rate last year. This is a testament to how important charities that help children’s education are. With your kind donations, we have been able to push our students to excellence, and they are students who would not have otherwise had the opportunity to go to school and prosper.

Give the Gift of an Education 

It cannot be stressed enough how life-changing an education can be. At ILM, our aim is to break the cycle of poverty and elevate communities to be self-sufficient. The very foundation of this lies within education. Please donate to our education appeal and support a vulnerable child through school. Education is a gift that continues to benefit the recipient, making it a form of Sadaqah Jariyah for which you shall be greatly rewarded by Allah (SWT). 

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100% Zakat Policy

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