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Muslims who qualify to pay Zakat can fulfil this charitable obligation through ILM. We will ensure your funds are distributed and used to support those who are most in need, both here in the United Kingdom and around the world.

To be eligible to pay Zakat, your wealth must have exceeded the Nisab threshold during the last year. When this is the case, you can give Zakat at any time of the year, although many Muslims choose to make their payment during Ramadan, the month of fasting, as this is the time when they feel most connected with Allah (SWT).

If you need help calculating the payment you owe, you can use our quick and easy Zakat calculator here. Once you have your Zakat due, you can then pay it online through our donations page.

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Who is Eligible for Zakat?

As per the Holy Qur’an, those that are eligible to receive Zakat fall into one of eight categories. They must be either poor, in need, held against their will (slavery), in debt, stranded or travelling, fighting for Allah (SWT), a revert Muslim (or friend of the community) or be permitted to receive and distribute Zakat (such as a registered charity).

Some may fall into one or more of those categories, but that does not automatically mean that they are eligible to receive your Zakat payment specifically. Anyone whom you are considered to be responsible for may not receive your Zakat. This means that you may not give your charity to your partner, children, parents, siblings, grandchildren, and grandparents.

While most of your immediate family is ineligible to receive your Zakat donation, there are some limited exceptions; the main one of which is the fact that a woman may give Zakat to her husband as she is not responsible for him financially. The husband, though, may not pay Zakat to his wife as he is expected to look after her.

Other relatives, such as aunts, uncles and cousins may also be eligible to receive your Zakat if they fall into any of the eight categories. Mothers and fathers-in-law are also eligible to accept your donation as they are not considered to be like parents by birth (as they are in the case of marriage) regarding Zakat.

Why do we Pay Zakat?

Paying Zakat purifies one’s wealth and making your donation pleases Allah (SWT) as those funds are then put to good use to support our Muslim brothers and sisters who are in need. This enables those living in the most desperate conditions to have access to food, clean water, medical supplies and shelter amongst other necessities.

What we take for granted every day is denied to millions around the world, which is why the ILM team works around the clock to try to connect every man, woman and child with what they need. Unfortunately, our efforts alone will not manage this gigantic task, but with your continued support we can do everything that we can – to save just one life is to save the world.

The nisab value varies from year to year, based on the value of gold and silver, so the amount you pay should be calculated on the day of your donation to ensure accuracy. Zakat, the third pillar of Islam, is calculated at 2.5% of your expendable wealth as calculated per the nisab value.

We are taught from an early age the value of looking out for our Muslim brothers and sisters in the Islamic community. Giving Zakat allows us to realise those values, doing what we can to give back to the world.

How to Donate Zakat

You can donate your Zakat online through ILM simply by registering as a donor through our website. Once your login details have been confirmed, you can then make your payment online for your calculated amount.

Alternatively, supporters can also call our donation hotline – 03000 111 000 – to donate over the phone if this is your preferred method.

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How ILM Distributes Your Zakat

ILM works across various countries including Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Malawi, Nepal, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom. Your Zakat payment is distributed across those who are most in need ensuring that they receive vital supplies that we would otherwise take for granted.

Your Zakat donation can also be used to support any of our appeals if this is something that you would like your funds to support. Our appeals include supporting orphaned childrenfeeding the world and our water appeal. These are just some of our many appeals that you can donate to through ILM.

Making your payment through our charity helps us to continue the amazing work that we have been carrying out since the foundation of ILM in October 2003. We work in the name of Allah (SWT) to bring our brothers and sisters to safety, no matter what, and it is only through your support that we can continue this work.

The overwhelming majority of our charity work happens on the ground, working directly with those most in need in South Asia and Africa, as well as right here in the UK. Not only do we offer those most deserving the supplies they need right now, but we also offer them the opportunity to earn a living in their own right. For more information, please visit our Livelihoods appeal page to learn more about how we support orphaned children and widows to set up their own businesses.

Where we are distributing Your Zakat:

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