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Water Saves Lives

Give access to clean water from as little as £12.50 a month

Water is a prerequisite to life as is breathing. Without it, life on earth will die. Crops wouldn’t grow; people and communities would die... period. It is always the children and the elderly that suffer first.

Water is essential for people, business, nations and ecosystems, and our ability to manage it sustainably today will determine the future of all human and economic activity. We believe a water-wise world, where both people and economies prosper, is possible. If we act together... now!

Countless unfortunate people die from drinking contaminated or dirty water after contracting diarrheal diseases, including Cholera, and other serious illnesses such as Guinea worm disease, Typhoid, and Dysentery. Water related diseases cause 3.4 million deaths each year.

International Learning Movement (ILM UK), run water supply projects throughout India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Malawi. We build water wells in deprived, farming communities, we install hand pumps in underprivileged, often isolated villages with no clean water source and we even install hand pumps in individual family homes, in an effort to improve the quality of life of vulnerable, elderly or disabled adults.

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How you can help:

Install a hand pump in Asia for £150 or from £12.50 per month.

Install a hand pump in Africa for £1,900 or from £160 per month.

Install a motor pump in Asia for £300 or from £25 per month.

Install a deep well in Asia for £900 or from £75 per month.

Single or monthly donations of any amount will help towards our Water Saves Lives appeal.

Umara Choudary’s Story:
We have recently installed a motorised
pump in the village of Tahsil Golarchi.
The pump benefits over 400
people including Umara Choudary
and her family.