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ILM UK was formally launched in 2003 to provide poverty relief across South Asia, The Middle East and in countries throughout Africa.

We provide education, orphan child care, clean drinking water, healthcare and disaster and emergency relief to economically deprived communities.

Since then we have helped transformed lives communities throughout our operating region, helping to break the poverty cycle and build brighter futures.

Our workload, the management team and our network of volunteers has grown considerably in the past few years, allowing us to launch many new campaigns and work in even more crisis-hit countries than before.

Our projects are carefully orchestrated and designed to provide maximum impact in the shortest possible time. Very often time is of the essence when saving lives – we at ILM UK are proud to be on the ground, helping people in crisis, in the shortest of time.

100% Zakat Policy

What you give is what those who need it get - 100% of your Zakat