Clean Water

Over 650 million people in the world, have no access to safe water. Around the world, up to 443 million school days are lost every year because of water-related illnesses.

Countless people die after contracting diarrheal diseases,
such as Cholera, 
Guinea worm disease, typhoid and dysentery
from drinking contaminated or dirty water.

Water-related diseases cause almost five million deaths worldwide every year

Our water wellness appeal campaign works to support underprivileged communities to gain access to safe water Asia, Africa and the Middle East . We provide clean water by assisting communities in installing hand pumps, deep tube wells and community solar pumps. Knowledgeable locals carry out the charity water pump installations, and our in-country officers provide information sharing workshops. The facilities' maintenance is a task shared by the community committee, which oversees all local water facilities.

When donating to our water pump appeal to install a water facility, you will pay for more than just drilling a hole and a basic water pump charity installation. Instead, you contribute to the finances needed to form a committee that provides hygiene and sanitation training. This training ensures that the water facility remains functioning hygienically; without it, the community is exposed to various diseases.

While death is a worst-case scenario, the global water crises affect the lives of the world’s poor in more ways than one. People with no access to running water are forced to seek it out. Women and children are given this responsibility in most households, and every day they have to make long, arduous and often dangerous journeys to find the nearest water source. This means when you donate to a water well charity like ILM, you are not only providing life-changing assistance, but you are also changing the course of someone’s life as they no longer have to commit themselves to danger for a basic human need.

Single or monthly donations will help towards
our Water Wellness appeal.

Every kind water pump donation we receive will go towards funding
the required water solution in communities that we work with across the globe.



We have recently installed a motorised pump in the village of Tahsil Golarchi. The pump benefits over 400 people including Umara Choudary and her family.



Water Wells  -  Last year we installed over 1,900 water wells internationally


Project Participants -  Through the installation of the water wells we provided water to over 38,000 people 

100% Zakat Policy

What you give is what those who need it get - 100% of your Zakat