Clean Water

Water is as much a prerequisite to life as breathing is. Without it, life on earth would cease to exist. Crops wouldn’t grow and people and communities would suffer.

Countless people die after contracting diarrheal diseases,
such as Cholera, 
Guinea worm disease, typhoid and dysentery
from drinking contaminated or dirty water.

Water-related diseases cause almost five million deaths worldwide every year

Our H2Oath water campaign works to support communities gain access to safe water in both Asia and Africa. We provide clean water by assisting communities in installing handpumps, deep tube wells, and community solar pumps. Knowledgeable locals carry out these installations, and our in-country officers help carry out information sharing workshops. The facilities' maintenance is a task shared by the community committee, which oversees local water facilities. When donating to install a water facility, you pay for more than just drilling a hole and a pump installation. Instead, you contribute to the finances needed to form a committee and provide hygiene/sanitation training. This training ensures that the water facility remains functioning hygienically; without it, the community is exposed to various diseases.

We install four different types of water providing facilities. To understand their impact, we have outlined the potential of their reach below:

Handpumps are a family-based product, usually installed close to several homes. They aim to serve approximately five families (25 people) with low economic status.

Deep tube wells are installed in rural communities within communal areas. They aim to serve approximately 25 households (125 people).

Communal solar pumps are installed in communal buildings. These communal buildings include mosques, schools, and community centres. The pump aims to serve approximately 35 households (175 people).

Community wells within Africa are built within economically deprived communities. They aim to provide for up to two to three communities (100 families). This equates to approximately 500 people on average.

Single or monthly donations will help towards
our H2Oath appeal.

Every kind water pump donation we receive will go towards funding
the required hand pump cost in Pakistan, Malawi, Bangladesh, India and in
other communities that we work with across the globe.



We have recently installed a motorised pump in the village of Tahsil Golarchi. The pump benefits over 400 people including Umara Choudary and her family.



Water Wells  -  Last year we installed over 1,900 water wells internationally


Project Participants -  Through the installation of the water wells we provided water to over 38,000 people