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What has happened in Pakistan? 

Horrific flash floods in Pakistan are on the news worldwide as the unprecedented monsoon’s extreme rainfalls have caused the worst natural disaster Pakistan has ever seen.

Over one-third of the country is under water and survivors are saying that their home looks like an ocean that has drowned everything in its path.

Why does Pakistan need our help right now? 

People are dying and getting displaced: Over 1 million homes have been damaged and thousands of buildings have been destroyed or washed away.

The water is carrying life-threatening diseases: Hospitals, medical care facilities, and medicines have been destroyed. The risk of deadly waterborne diseases is extremely high after the floods and people have nowhere to turn.

Food and livestock have been destroyed: Almost half of the country’s livestock and crop fields of vegetable, fruit, and rice have sustained significant damage. People are suffering excruciating starvation as they haven’t eaten in days.

Children are suffering and dying: The raging flood waters have destroyed over 33 million lives including over 3 million children, many of whose parents have been killed, leaving them orphaned and alone as they suffer and die. 

Relief efforts are continuing but many hard-to-reach areas have still had no external support.

Will it get worse?

More than 1,500 people have already been killed and with more rainfall expected over the coming days, the death toll will be unimaginably devastating. 

The poor and in particular, orphans, widows and elderly survivors in Pakistan will suffer the aftermath of the global crisis for years. 

They are the most vulnerable people in Pakistan without an adequate support system and have been left all alone and without any possessions – homeless, starving, and in desperate need of support.

Previously living in an inadequate shelter made from scrap materials and mud, their homes have been destroyed and they have nothing left now except the clothes they are wearing.

They are in desperate need of our help. We have teams on the ground. Please support our emergency appeal and help save lives.

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