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The act of sacrifice during Qurbani Eid is an Islamic tradition which is underpinned by the desire of all Muslims to give Qurbani both in the memory of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and to please Allah (SWT).

Qurbani happens on the 10th, 11th, and 12th days of the 12th month of the Islamic calendar that is referred to as Dhul Hijjah. Over these three days, millions of cows, goats, and sheep are sacrificed and redistributed within the Muslim community according to the strict rules of Qurbani. These rules state that the animal is divided into three shares:

  • One-third for the donor’s household
  • One-third for friends & family
  • One-third for someone who is vulnerable or in need

Deciding to donate Qurbani online can leave unanswered questions as to how your individual Qurbani can make a difference. We would like to answer this question for you, to reassure you that when you donate your Qurbani, it is going to communities across the world that really need it.

ILM works with communities throughout India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Palestine. These communities often lack access to good, nutritious food, comfortable shelter, clean water, and ample healthcare.

Poor living conditions, lack of nutritious food, and inadequate healthcare often mean that diseases such as pneumonia, hypothermia, COVID-19, and flu can spread quickly and viciously. Many families are left without a main breadwinner, which means they exist with no visible means of income. Children are orphaned, women are widowed, and the daily struggle to simply survive is all painful.

As a result, thousands of Muslims in these communities are left vulnerable, unprotected, hungry, and often homeless too. Donating Qurbani is essential to contributing to the alleviation of this poverty and misery.

When you make a Qurbani donation in the UK, you are paying for the costs associated with the purchase, sacrifice, and distribution of an animal in local communities throughout the world. This food goes directly to those families in need, guaranteeing that men, women, and children who struggle to put food on the table have access to good, nutritious food and are able to celebrate Eid alongside the wider Muslim world. This also frees up other donations made throughout the year to continue fulfilling other needs. These include:

Winter care packages

Every winter families shiver through sub-zero temperatures with inadequate clothing and poor-quality housing. In addition, every year thousands from different areas flee their homes escaping war, poverty, drought, death, and disease, and converge on established communities, putting increasing pressure on already scarce resources.

When you give Qurbani, you are also freeing up funds that can be used for winter clothing packs, containing blankets, shoes, coats, hats, and blankets. A winter food parcel contains essential food supplies to feed a family with warm, nutritious food for a month. A winter fuel pack contains a stove, heater, and fuel to cook and provide heat.

A lifeline for thousands of children

Many of these communities are at risk of natural disaster, whether flooding, or drought, and are also located in areas of high political and military unrest and conflict.

ILM is dedicated to improving the long-term prospects of communities by implementing projects that encourage self-sufficiency through education projects. ILM is a leading education support charity and runs 14 schools across Malawi, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, ensuring orphaned children maintain access to education. When you give Qurbani, the knock-on benefit in the long term means that the next generation is receiving consistent quality education giving the knowledge and skills to build and improve future communities.

Alongside the education of the next generation, their health is also paramount. ILM works in partnership with many local medical professionals to significantly improve the health care provision in territories which do not offer free healthcare. Whether it is buying equipment, paying for a specific surgery, or having access to emergency funding for urgent needs.

Creating stability for orphaned children

According to UNICEF, there are 153 million orphaned children in the world. ILM runs sponsorship programmes in Bangladesh, Burma, Egypt, Kashmir, Malawi, Senegal and Pakistan.

Not only are these children at risk of malnutrition and diseases associated with homelessness – they are extremely vulnerable and at risk of exploitation for child labour, trafficking, and sexual abuse.

The ILM sponsorship programmes aim to create safe homes and secure futures for these children, improving their lives not just now, but laying foundations for years to come.

As part of this drive to create brighter futures for orphaned children, ILM is creating a flagship Orphan village complex in Malawi. The aim of this project is to take children who have been stuck in institutions for far too long, support them while they readjust to life outside of that institution, and ultimately reintegrate them into the broader community through fostering. The foundation of this project is to create a loving and caring family environment in which the children have their own rooms and enjoy the stability and dignity of having a place they can finally call ‘their own’.

Your Qurbani is spent directly on the purchase and distribution of meat. This in turn allows us to optimise the allocation of all our resources across the many projects we are leading globally. Donate your Qurbani here.

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