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Here at ILM, we are primarily an orphan charity that focuses on supporting struggling children in the various communities that we work with.

However, this work wouldn’t be possible without generous donations from people like you. We want to ensure that you know the impact that your donations have on our project participants. Your contributions to our various appeals make a valuable difference in the lives of those in need.

Orphaned Children Sponsorship

In order to support the welfare of children without guardians, we ask that you sponsor an orphaned child. Without aid, these children are at risk of deadly diseases and exploitation, with one tenth of children being exposed to child labour, human trafficking, and human exploitation. 

However, with our sponsorship programmes running throughout Pakistan, Malawi, Kashmir, Egypt, Burma, and Bangladesh, we are preventing this dire fate. Your donations have built safe homes, secured futures, and improved the opportunities for children worldwide. Though we have made such a significant impact together, the battle doesn’t end there. We must continue to assist these communities until we reach every child in need of support. This is an ambitious task, but your contributions can bring us closer and closer to our goal. 

The Evergreen

The Evergreen is a complex that we have set up with your donations to reintegrate children from institutional care into society. This is achieved through a foster scheme that provides children with a familial environment as opposed to a care home. We run this complex in Malawi to establish foster care within the country as it brings many advantages to orphaned children across the world. 

Though a care home is a better alternative to the streets, orphaned children can suffer the consequences of living in these environments. They may find it difficult to build relationships in later life through fear of abandonment, therefore, our foster scheme is a great way of helping those with orphan status. 

Your donations provide orphaned children in Malawi with a caring and loving environment as we support the children and their foster guardians alike. Our foster mothers have been trained to ensure that these children receive the best care. Not only this, but your contributions ensure that vulnerable children with disabilities are properly cared for in a familial setting. By supporting foster guardians, you guarantee that these orphaned children are given a long-term and secure solution, rather than moving them from place to place and not allowing them to settle. 

Hifz Sponsorship

Our Hifz sponsorship programme is designed to aid children in memorising the Qur’an, contributing to their secular education. Using your donations, we contribute to the upkeep of religious centres across Malawi and India since Islamic teachings are integral to the lives of these children. Furthermore, we deliver Islamic educational programmes throughout Africa and Asia, which you can support through a donation of as little as £20 a month.

In times of instability and uncertainty, faith is often all these children can rely on. However, in the absence of funding, they don’t have an environment where they can connect with Allah (SWT). Your donations provide children with this space, giving them a slice of hope in an otherwise dismal position. 

Educational Funding

Education is one of the most valuable assets of a child’s life, meaning we use your donations to provide deprived children with quality education. We run 14 schools across four countries to give orphaned children educational opportunities. Your donations allow us to improve the schooling facilities in the likes of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Malawi. Not only does this mean you’re benefiting an orphaned child’s present life, but also their future as receiving an education will make them more employable. You are playing a huge role in breaking the cycle of hardship, paving the way for future generations. 

Once we’re able to place these children in schools, our efforts don’t end there. We monitor the progress of the students every six months whilst working closely with the teachers to ensure the best standard of education and the highest quality of care. Your donations make it possible for these children to achieve endless goals. 

Ability Sponsorship 

The hospital systems in the communities we work with are under immense pressure, meaning children in need of medical attention are often forced to go without. We developed our ability sponsorship programme to strengthen healthcare systems, empower medical professionals, and provide children with the urgent medical attention that they need. 

From as little as £30 a month, you can pay for life-saving surgery and medical equipment. Your donations have already assisted us in saving thousands across the world, and your continued effort allows us to keep going with our mission. 


Our Livelihoods Campaign provides struggling families with the likes of corner shops, tea stalls, fish farming, chicken farms, honeybee farms, carrier rickshaws, fruit barrows, and sewing machines. Each of these could act as life-saving provisions to improve the quality of life for those in poverty. 

Without your donations, the distribution of this equipment and these facilities could not be made possible. Your contributions are vital in the aid of countless people across the globe. 

Donate to ILM

You can continue to change the lives of children across the globe by donating to ILM. You can even pay your Zakat through orphan sponsorship, allowing you to fulfil your religious duties whilst making life-saving provisions. 

Please, donate to ILM today. 

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