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With your financial support, we work with our in-country teams to provide support to orphaned children. We work together to help build a brighter future for these children and their communities. Provide a safe home for orphaned children in need of support.

We want all children to be able to live in a loving family environment
where they're enabled to reach their full potential

Every child has a right to feel safe, without the 
fear of wondering whether they will live to see another day.

Supporting Orphaned Children Find Foster Homes

We are proud to launch our flagship Orphan village complex in Malawi, which focusses on reintegrating Children from Institutional Care into society. Through various learnings from failures of institutional care, International Learning Movement has launched the initiative of reintegrating children from Institutional Care into the broader community, utilising a foster scheme to provide children with the support they need within a family environment throughout their developing and forming years.

Foster schemes are one of the various options to reintegrate children living in orphanages within the community. Currently, foster care is not commonly used in Malawi, but it brings significant advantages. The ILM Foster Scheme consists of placing children currently living in one of the three orphanages that ILM operates with a non-relative household, providing all the safeguarding mechanisms to ensure the child is taken care of and supported during that difficult time in life.

ILM scheme offers a strategic approach to deinstitutionalise the life of orphaned children in Malawi as a pioneer project. With more than 2.2 million children in orphanages in the world, deinstitutionalisation is a global need, and we hope to replicate this around the world in the future. 

ILM believes family is critical to their project success; that is why all ILM projects oriented to support vulnerable children, particularly those with disabilities and orphan status, have a vital family element as part of their engagement framework.

ILM supports both the orphaned children and their guardians, ensuring that they develop within a loving and caring environment. A family also brings a sense of belonging, a religious and cultural identity that allows the child to continue meeting their faith needs.

This initiative is an innovative project to an old problem, a step forward for ILM into long-term development solutions for those who need it today and tomorrow. ILM aims to reintegrate all the orphans currently under our care, so they can enjoy living again with a family and have a place to call home.

All orphans in our village will have a suitably trained and qualified foster mother. They will have all the usual things that children have including their own room, play area, meals with their ‘siblings’ and family time.

The complex will open its School and Masjid space to surrounding villages so there is regular interaction with the wider community and in turn provides quality education and support to the whole community.

Support Our Orphaned Children

Single or monthly donations of any amount will help towards our Happy Home appeal. Anything that you can give will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way to helping ILM achieve our goal of saving the lives of innocent children around the world.


Making a donation for ILM’s Happy Home appeal qualifies towards Sadaqah as this is a truly altruistic gift that will keep on giving long after you have left this world. The difference your payment could make is immeasurable as it could be the difference between a child living in poverty and having the opportunity to live a long and fulfilling life, eventually starting a family of their own.

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