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More than 1.3 billion people live in India, many of whom are in desperate need of assistance and support. ILM UK is one of many charities in India that are working round the clock to distribute life-saving supplies and provisions, but we urgently need your donations so we can continue our efforts.

India is one of the worst-hit countries from the Covid-19 pandemic. There have been more than 29.7 million cases and 382,000 deaths. The health system in India was fragile before the pandemic, and it was completely overrun at the height of the second wave. Patients were left without oxygen, and many were turned away from hospitals altogether. 

ILM UK was there for those who needed us at the height of the second wave, and we will continue to be there for those who are struggling to access healthcare, but we need your donations so we can provide aid. 

Outside of the Covid pandemic, people living in India face the constant risk of natural disasters, and climate change is only making the issue worse. Over 70% of India is prone to floods, and 60% is prone to earthquakes. When so many Indians are living with such few resources and in overcrowded communities, an earthquake or a flood can be devastating. 

In addition to natural disasters and the Covid crisis, India has a high infant and maternal mortality rate. This can be attributed to high rates of child marriage and adolescent births.

Many Indian families live in poverty and struggle to make ends meet, meaning children are often forced into work in order to support their household financially. Education is compromised, making it harder for people to break the cycle of generational poverty.

How to Send Money to Charity in India

There are many threats facing Indian communities and children specifically, which is why support is urgently needed. Please donate to our appeal so we can help those in need in India without delay. The communities we worth are dependent on charities in India to provide the support that local providers are unable to offer.

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