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Colonial building with the Bangladeshi flag waving in front of it

Bangladeshi children are heavily exploited through child labour and violence, and a large chunk of the general population lacks access to basic necessities such as healthcare and clean water. ILM UK has teams on the ground to provide essential charity work in Bangladesh, with the aim being to give some reprieve to one of the most deprived communities in the world. 

Children, in particular, are at high risk in Bangladesh, with an estimated 1.7 million children falling victim to exploitative labour. Girls and women are at particular risk of being trafficked and abused, both domestically and sexually. Child marriage is a common practice in Bangladesh, and as a result, child pregnancy is rife. In fact, estimates suggest that out of every 1,000 live births, 113 have adolescent mothers. The risks of early pregnancy are great, and these are exasperated by Bangladesh’s fragile healthcare system.

Our work in Bangladesh includes working with other members of the community, alongside children, providing essential relief from suffering from poverty. This includes providing food and water to the most vulnerable and medical aid to those who can't treatment. 

Many people live in rural areas and in poverty, meaning access to healthcare is a luxury rather than a right. As a consequence, Bangladesh has one of the highest infant mortality and maternal mortality rates in the world. As many as 5,200 mothers die every year whilst giving birth, and a further 62,000 babies die. That’s roughly 230 stillborn babies being born every single day. 

Donate to ILM's Bangladesh Charity Appeal

These numbers can be vastly reduced if access to medical attention is improved, but also if access to food and water is more widespread. With your generous Bangladesh charity donations, we are able to distribute life-saving food provisions and install clean water and sanitation stations. Whilst we are making progress, there is a long way to go. Approximately 66% of Bangladeshi people do not have access to clean water. Arsenic and manganese pollute a large portion of the water in Bangladesh, and bacteria such as E.coli causes severe disease and even death. 

Please donate to our Bangladesh charity appeal and help us reach those who need our support the most. Many Bangladeshi people are living in extremely fragile and dangerous conditions, and they rely on the work that charities such as ILM UK provide, but we can only do so with your generosity. 

Give what you can by heading to our donations page today.

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