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At ILM UK, we are hugely proud of the work that our charity has been able to carry out, both domestically and globally, but we recognise that none of this would be possible without the time and dedication of numerous volunteers. Without them, there would be no action and the thousands of innocent lives we have helped would have gone unaided.

Charity volunteering is a deed that does not go unnoticed, neither by those you are working with nor by Allah (SWT) himself, as He will impart great rewards and benefits onto you. Volunteering, though, is not just about the benefits that come with giving up your time.

It is about the difference that you make to a community and those who live in it. It is about the look on the face of a mother who can provide a nutritious meal for her family. It is about the young child who has been given an opportunity that they may not have otherwise been afforded without the support you have provided.

Supporting Development

Not every family is fortunate to live in a community where everyday essentials are readily available. Some are forced to walk for miles to collect safe drinking water, while others do not even have that as an option and must take their chances with unclean water likely riddled with all kinds of potentially harmful bacteria – it is that or nothing.

Charity volunteers recognise their privilege and have a burning desire to give back. Some choose to give back to the community in which they live or come from, while others desire to volunteer as part of a team abroad working on the ground in some of the most deprived and desperate areas in the world. 

Just some of the ways volunteers support development is by delivering important food packs, as well as urgent medical supplies (particularly in areas of conflict) and education through the funding of schools. The communities we work with are amongst some of the most in need of urgent aid and ILM UK always aims to have a presence, particularly in the wake of an emergency when support is most needed.

Bonds That will Never be Broken

Many of the volunteers who come together leave as lifetime friends, often making plans for their next assignment where they can further support communities. While the primary focus of all volunteering programmes is to support those who are most in need, making new friends along the way is a benefit that cannot and should not be ignored. If you are looking at how to choose a charity to volunteer for, we recommend seeking recommendations from those who have previously given their time for their first-hand account. At ILM UK, we ensure that all volunteers are looked after when giving their time to us and other project participants.

How to Volunteer for Charity Work with ILM UK

If you do have a genuine interest in dedicating your time to volunteering with ILM UK, you can find out more information on how you can go about doing so over at our volunteer page

Becoming one of our volunteers means that you can be involved in emergency campaigns and year-round fundraisers. We will also keep you fully updated with our work and how it is serving those who receive the support that we offer, as well as providing ideas on how you can continue to support our charity.

Should you have any questions, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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