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Qurbani is the act of sacrificing an animal to gain Allah’s reward. It is a practice that stems from the Prophet Ibrahim (as) and where our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) continued this obligation during his ten years in Madinah.

The act of carrying out Qurbani is extremely rewarding and a spiritual obligation but alongside this, it also makes a powerful impact on communities less fortunate than ours. We’ve outlined some of the additional benefits of your Qurbani which supplement the immense spiritual reward of giving Qurbani.

Qurbani tackles food insecurity 

Eating meat is a privilege that we take for granted in the West and whilst we regularly eat meat on a weekly or daily basis, for millions of Muslims around the world, meat is a luxury which they can’t afford.

Many communities which we work with have high levels of malnutrition or starvation so for these people, imagine the impact your Qurbani donations will have on them and their families on the day of Eid.

For the recipients of your Qurbani donations, you will be providing more than just nourishment, you’ll be providing a day of celebration and an opportunity to strengthen family and community bonds over a warm, delicious meal. It is a way to enhance the quality of life in any given community. 

Qurbani stimulates the economy

Donating Qurbani can have significant impacts on local economies in developing countries because meat is expensive. By donating to these countries, the increase in demand for livestock leads to increased trade for these communities. 

It also means that the opportunity to benefit from the Eid festivities in these local communities leads to an increase in demand for products such as cooking ingredients or celebration related products.

Qurbani is ethical

Qurbani is a sacred sacrifice to Allah (swt), which means strict rules need to be adhered to ensure the sacrifice is accepted.

These strict rules are important to always ensure animal welfare. Some of the rules which promote welfare are:

  • Animals cannot be beaten, stressed or chased.
  • Avoid dull instruments or sharpening them in the sight of animals.
  • No animal can witness the sacrifice of another animal. 
  • Animals need to be adults.
  • Animals need to be in healthy condition.

When the Prophet (saw) saw a man sharpening his knife in the presence of the animal for sacrifice, he (saw) said, “Do you intend to inflict death on the animal twice – once by sharpening the knife within its sight and once by cutting it?” (Muslim)

Donate your Qurbani today to one of the many people around the world who are in desperate need. Your support will definitely make an impact on their lives in more ways than one.

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