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In Limbe, Malawi, ILM UK runs the Al Haq Islamic Trust, which is a safe haven for children with no guardians. Children are provided with round the clock care, and a formal education.

Usani is a young child who unfortunately lost his parents shortly after he turned four. Since arriving at Al Haq Islamic Trust, Malawi, he has found a second home with a loving set of friends.

As a result of your financial support, Usani continues to receive day-to-day support. Without the help of the trust and your sponsorship he could have ended up on the streets and exploited for very cheap labour.

He  now has a safe place he can call home, a loving family environment, around the clock healthcare, food and a formal education. The world is still of wonder, he has dreams of becoming a doctor and we hope he continues to work hard so he can achieve those goals.

At ILM, we work to ensure no child is left alone, abandoned and unprotected. You can help us make this possible by sponsoring a child.

There are hundreds more children who need our ongoing support. For £30 a month, you can sponsor a child and provide them with a second chance. Sponsor an orphaned child today.

For a child to receive free tuition and board is a blessing in itself. Particularly in an area where it is near impossible for Muslim boys from low economic backgrounds to attend school. But ILM’s sponsorship scheme hasn’t just provided Faisal. It has been a lifeline for his entire family, who continue to benefit from ILM UK’s on going aid and development projects.

Many children who have lost their parents are forced to face an uncertain future. At ILM UK, we work to ensure no child is left alone and unprotected. You can help us make this possible.

There are many children like Faisal who have had a rough start. But for £25 a month, you can provide one with a second chance at a better life.

Find out more about our Hifz Appeal today.

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