Food for Palestine

Strict blockades and ongoing conflict mean thousands of Palestinians are going hungry. By donating to our Food for Palestine appeal, you can alleviate the suffering and give a meal to someone in need.

People in Palestine are in urgent need of food packages to aid their survival.

Ongoing conflict in the area and strict blockades mean thousands of innocent Palestinians, including children, are struggling to access to basic food, resulting in widespread hunger and malnourishment. 

By donating to our Food for Palestine appeal, you can feed someone in need in Palestine and potentially save a life. 

Relieve the burden of hunger to a Palestinian family in need

Our food parcels have become a much needed a lifeline for orphan and widow families. In countries like Palestine, where individuals are denied their basic human rights, our food parcels don’t just relieve hunger; they relieve the burden on parents who struggle to care for their children, and they give hope to orphan and widow families for a better future. 

Life in Palestine is unimaginably hard. The threat of conflict is never far away, and basic infrastructure has been irreparably destroyed from bullets, missiles, and explosives raining down in past battles. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes and loved ones, left with nothing but the clothes on their back and a fading hope that life will get better soon. 

We can’t predict when Palestine will become stable and safe once more, but with your kind donations, we can ensure that vulnerable people who have lost everything don’t have to scavenge for food or go to bed hungry. A food package is a simple thing, but to a Palestinian in need, it reminds them that the world has not forgotten about them, and that there is still hope. 

By easing the pressure of finding food, we can relieve Palestinians of some of the intense hardships they face. We can ensure children are nourished and healthy, reducing the risk of stunting and, in the worst case, death. 

What’s included in a food parcel?

When you donate to our Food for Palestine appeal, we source food from shops and farmers in the partnering countries we work in, supporting those people in need, too. We purchase items such as rice, flour, beans, lentils, spices, and sugar in bulk. They are then packed up and loaded into a truck, ready to be distributed in Palestine. 

Through our partners, we organise food distributions where widows come to collect a parcel and return home with food to last a month. Some widows are unable to leave their homes because they may be too old or sick. With the support of our volunteers, we deliver food parcels to their doors. 

During the pandemic, we have taken extreme caution when distributing resources. We have adhered to each countries’ specific measures and have given our staff the protective measures needed to continue working. This means we are able to safely hand out life-saving food packages without exposing vulnerable communities to Covid-19. 

You can make a difference 

The situation in Palestine is at breaking point. Please give what you can so we can hand out essential food parcels to those most in need. Together we can ease the suffering and save lives.