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The United Kingdom is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but there is an increasing problem in the wealth gap, with more people than ever before relying on food banks for their next meal, and many more struggling with debts that are pushing them further into inescapable poverty. 

ILM UK works around the world in some of the most deprived countries, but there is a growing demand for our support right here in the UK. The government estimates that 14.5 million people were living in poverty prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, but following the crisis, some 700,000 more found themselves struggling to make ends meet. That means one in four people is living in poverty. 

Rising housing costs are a big factor, with many unable to afford their own homes and so having to live in privately rented accommodation. In the last 25 years, private rent costs have increased by 48%, but salaries have failed to keep up. In fact, eight in 10 people claiming Universal Credit are in work or actively looking for work, highlighting the struggle of working people. 

UK Homeless Muslim Charity

Homelessness is another issue in the UK. Despite having the fifth largest economy in the world, in 2019, more than 280,000 people were thought to be homeless. Following the pandemic, this number could now be much higher. Those who are homeless are victims of food insecurity and chronic physical and mental health problems. ILM is just one of the Muslim charities in the UK working to aid homeless people by providing essential provisions and supplies to those most in need. 

Despite being one of many Muslim charity organisations in the UK, we help everyone who needs us, regardless of their faith or background. We wouldn’t be able to provide the support we do without your help. Please donate to our UK charity appeal so we can continue to help our neighbours who need us. 

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