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UK Projects

Compassion, social justice, sharing and strengthening – all these are encompassed
in the Quranic articulation of the ethical concept of charitable giving.

Our ethical aims are both altruistic and correct in the Quranic values of charitable giving. Our efforts improves the welfare of individuals and communities.

Working throughout the UK, ILM’s objective is to aid the most vulnerable in our community, irrespective of background, race or creed, primarily through the distribution of:

The distribution of Individual food packages and through coordination with nominated food banks

The distribution of Christmas toys and gifts to local Children’s Hospitals

Promoting social awareness through charity events and community gatherings

Raising money for the families of the victims of UK extremism

Treats for gravely ill children and additional family support

Family counselling and support to all members of the community

How you can help:

Support our UK projects appeal from as little as £2 a month

Single or monthly donations of any amount will help towards our UK Projects.