Sponsoring an Education goes a long way

Sponsoring an Education goes a long way

For people living in extreme poverty, no aspect of life is conducive to getting an education. Take hunger or poor health for example. Across the developing world, 66 million primary school-age children attend classes hungry. Can you imagine how difficult it is to learn on an empty stomach?

Hunger doesn’t just prevent learning. It’s the beginning of a vicious cycle. It causes malnutrition, which weakens the immune system and makes a child more prone to illness. But there’s no free healthcare in developing countries, and poor families who have little to eat, cannot afford medical treatment. Without proper healthcare, sick children stay sick and cannot attend classes.

At International Learning Movement, (ILM) we operate fourteen schools across four countries. Where possible, ILM strives to provide students with a school meal during lunchtime. In addition to this, children who are sponsored by ILM’s donors receive free, basic health care.

At ILM, we don’t just work to give children the opportunity to go to school. We work hard at ensuring they continue their education and get the best out of it. The cost of our Education Sponsorship is a mere £30 a month, but this goes a long way. Here’s how we spend your donation:

  • £5 goes towards providing every sponsored child with free, basic healthcare. Monthly check-ups ensure that children remain healthy. Free medical treatment ensures a child recovers quickly when he or she falls ill. Free healthcare, helps to improve a child’s school attendance.
  • £15 covers the cost of a child’s tuition, schoolbooks, and uniform. Where necessary, it also pays for their transport to and from school.
  • £10 goes towards, a monthly stipend paid to the guardian/parent of the sponsored child. This covers the child’s basic, daily needs at home. It ensures that children from very poor families can carry on learning instead of working to support their families.

For just £30 a month, you can help us provide for a child’s development and general wellbeing. Please Give the Gift of an Education today.