Be the difference – Ramadan 2017

It takes someone special to make a difference in this world with ILM UK, you can help our brothers and sisters wherever they may be. Once again we reaffirm our commitment to those in need. Here at ILM UK, we are dedicated to supporting the world’s poorest people in developing countries, we tackle poverty at its root. Your help in our world, means the world.

Last year with your help we…

  • Increased our pupil intake at Shams National School, India to 3,350, with new science laboratory, I.T. classrooms, and sports facilities.
  • Entered phase 3 of our outstanding school construction project, together with a purpose built orphanage which will support 500 orphans.
  • Sponsored 375 Hafiz and 530 Orphans from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Malawi and Sri Lanka, Gaza and Egypt.
  • Installed 3000 hand pumps, 100 motor pumps and 22 water wells in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Africa.
  • Funded Community Projects: Supporting schools, orphanages and health clinics, providing Ramadan Iftars and food distribution; and providing fresh meat for Udhiyah/Qurbani and Aqeeqah through community based initiatives.

Orphans and education

There are millions of orphans worldwide, many of these children are utterly helpless and forced to face an uncertain future all by themselves. At ILM UK, we’re dedicated to supporting children with a smile. With the support of generous donors, we are able to provide our orphans with healthcare, a safe and loving home, nutritious meals, clothing, secure futures and better opportunities.

Sponsor an Orphan from £30 per month or £360 per year.

ILM Hafiz Programme

Faith is conducive to strength of the human spirit, equality and justice. Through learning the Quran by heart students gain spiritual enlightenment and an aptitude for dedication to the challenges that future life presents. Religion bonds people and communities together. Help a child gain understanding today.

Support our Hafiz programme from £25 per month or £300 per class per month.


Our Orphanages provide just that; they offer a safe home, education, health care and security for our children. Our ‘Happy Home’ A brand new village in Lucknow will accomodate 100’s of orphans
and provide them with a  safe and family orientated home.

Help us build our happy home from £50 per sq ft or £1000 per room.

Water saves lives

FACT: Almost 2 in 3 people who need safe drinking water survive on less than $2 a day UNITED NATIONS

If you have no clean water, you must seek it out. The time spent could have been  applied to caring for the family, getting an education or work. Contaminated water claims the lives of 500,000 children every year. End this cycle of poverty with simple solutions.

Save lives, donate water… £170 per handpump or £300 per motorpump – these prices are for hand pumps in India or Pakistan. Please call us to find out the costs in other places around the world.

Caring for the blind

FACT: Approximately 50% of the world’s blind suffer from cataracts WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION

ILM UK provide free yet comprehensive eyecare at centres throughout South Asia and Africa. Affecting 285million people worldwide our work the blind enables patients to benefit form being both productive and independent.

Care for the blind from £5 per eye test, £30 per eye operation, £100 a month*
*Monthly donations of any amount will help towards to ongoing running costs of our clinics and centres.

Food distribution

Help break the never ending fast of your brothers and sisters. As the blessed month approaches ILM UK will be helping the poor and needy by providing them with food packs to allow everyone to enjoy the blessings of Suhoor and Iftar.

Give Suhoor and Iftar from as little as £2 per meal, or donate a monthly food pack for £45.

Womens Empowerment

Help women realise their potential! For over ten years this has been a prime directive for ILM UK, investing in women strengthens not only families but society. We work towards rights and opportunities.

Support our womens empowerment projects, provide a sewing machine for £70, help us create a sewing centre from £500.

Support a widow from £360 – or £30 per month

Change lives, donate today…  03000 111000