Water Saves Lives

Water is a need as basic as breathing. Without it, life comes to a standstill. Crops can’t grow, communities don’t thrive, people become ill. Children are affected worst. Every year, the water crisis claims the lives of 500,000 children. They die needlessly, from diarrhoea and other illnesses caused by contaminated drinking water.
DSC02904-1At International Learning Movement (ILM UK), we run water projects in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Malawi. We build water wells in deprived, farming communities. We install hand pumps in underprivileged, often isolated villages with no clean water source. We even install hand pumps in individual family homes, in an effort to improve the quality of life of vulnerable, elderly or disabled adults.

Water Changes Lives

While death is a worse case scenario, the water crisis affects the lives of the world’s poor in more ways than one. People with no access to running water are forced to look for it. It’s the women and children who are given this responsibility in most households. Every day, they have to make long, often dangerous journeys to the nearest water source. The time it takes could otherwise be spent caring for children; working at income generating jobs; or attending school.
watersaveslives-1To ensure maximum impact when tapping a water source, ILM takes local preferences into account. We build water projects in communal access areas like mosques, village centres or near schools. This makes collecting water easy, and even helps to increase attendance among students at ILM schools. It provides ease, health security, and gives back time.

How you can help

Over 650 million people in the world, have no access to safe water. They are forced to consume what is available, when it is available. Often these people know their water isn’t clean, and that it makes them ill. They have no other choice. But we do.

Donate from as little as £5 a month to support our Water Saves Lives Appeal.

watersaveslives-2Give a Hand Pump from £170:
In the countries we operate, hand pumps are the most popular solution for mid to small sized communities. They are quick to install within 2-3 hours, and easy to build with simple tools. They are hard wearing, and can last for over 50 years. What’s more, the materials needed to install a hand pump are readily available. This also makes them easy to maintain and repair by the local community. With hand pumps, ILM installs water filtration sheets to ensure clean water is pumped out. Install a hand pump in Malawi from £300.

You can also give monthly, Sign up to a monthly direct debit of £12.50 per month over 12 months, to install a hand pump.

Give a Motor pump from £300 (India and Pakistan only): Motor Pumps are motor powered water pumps. They cost more than a hand pump does, but produce more water to go around. One motor pump can produce enough water for an entire village.

You can also give monthly, Sign up to a monthly direct debit of £25.00 per month over 12 months, to install a motor pump.

Give a Water Well from £800: In areas with a bigger population, or for farming communities with a greater need for water, ILM builds water wells. Water wells can provide water for an entire village and all it’s basic needs. Even families from neighbouring villages can benefit.

You can also give monthly, Sign up to a monthly direct debit of £67.00 per month over 12 months, to install a water well.