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ILM’s Orphan Sponsorship

At ILM, we’re dedicated to supporting children with no protectors. That’s why our orphan sponsorship and support programmes comprise of the brut of our work.

Currently, ILM runs orphan sponsorship programmes in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malawi, Burma, Nepal, Kashmir, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Gambia. With the support of generous donors, we are able to provide safe homes, secure futures and better opportunities for orphan children in developing countries. Here’s how we look after our sponsored orphans…

Orphan Healthcare

Health comes first. Each of our sponsored orphans are assigned a welfare nurse who monitors their general and dental health. Our children receive vaccinations, and in the event of illnesses, are provided free medical assistance with all medication and doctors fees paid for. Reducing poor health is paramount to growth, wellbeing and mental development. It also ensures children perform well at school.

Orphan Education

Education is key to helping people break out of the poverty cycle. At ILM, we provide orphaned children with the opportunity for a brighter future and the skills they need to make positive changes in their own lives. Each of our sponsored children are provided with free schooling, and all the school supplies they need throughout the academic year.

In addition to this, ILM runs schools in India, Pakistan, Malawi and Bangladesh, which offer education as well as accommodation for orphans. The children who attend ILM schools benefit from high quality teaching and good classroom facilities. Wherever possible, we also provide students with school meals to help them maintain concentration and get the best out of the school day. You can read more about our Orphan Education here.

Orphan Welfare

ILM’s sponsored orphans typically live with a close relative who is able to provide a secure, stable and nurturing environment. Our workers are in regular contact with the guardians and carer families, to ensure all of their needs are met.

In addition to this, ILM gives carer families priority through other projects like food distribution; Qurbani and Iftaar programmes; blanket distribution; medical aid camps and women’s empowerment programmes. We do this to help improve the situation of the carer families who are often underprivileged, and who need support caring for an orphan child.

How you can help

Faisal Ali lost his father to an accident at the age of four. But this has neither defined him, nor held him back. Today, Faisal is one of the brightest students at Madrasa Faizul Quran –ILM’s Hifz Education boarding school in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. He has found a second family among his classmates, many of whom are sponsored orphans like him. Read more about Faisal’s Story.

Even adults tackling poverty in the developing world are in need of opportunities with which to raise themselves and their families out of destitution. But children who have lost their parents are utterly helpless and forced to face an uncertain future all by themselves. At ILM, we work to ensure no child is left alone, abandoned and unprotected. You can help us make this possible.

There are many children who have had a rough start to life. But for as little as £1 per day, you can provide one with a second chance at a better future. ILM’s orphan sponsorship will ensure:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Access to clean water and sanitation
  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Adequate nutrition
  • Loving care and guidance in family home

Sponsor an Orphan from as little as £1 a day, that’s just £30 a month which will provide them with a brighter future

Orphan Feedback

Orphan-Feedback-ReportOnce you’ve sponsored an orphan with ILM, we will send you an information pack about the child you are supporting. We will also provide an annual update on how the he/she is getting along. This will include school reports and exam results. You’ll also receive information about his/her interests and aspirations – which your sponsorship could help realise.

Sponsor an orphan with ILM today.