Education for Orphans

At International Learning Movement (ILM UK), we believe that education is key to helping people break out of the poverty cycle. By educating boys and girls in developing countries, we are giving them the tools for better opportunities and a brighter future. What’s more, acquired skills and knowledge are resources that can be shared and passed on, without being depleted. Education doesn’t just empower individuals, it lifts entire communities.

Today, ILM operates fourteen schools across four countries, where Orphans are provided with a free education. Our schools benefit children from the most underprivileged communities of Malawi, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

Secular Education: Shams National School

Based in Uttar Pradesh, India, Shams National is ILM’s flagship school. Here we run classes from nursery to college level, for over 3,000 students. More than half of our students come from extremely poor families. Others are orphans sponsored by ILM donors.

Shams National School is affiliated with the national board of education in India, and is linked closely with the British Council Delhi. We offer an A-Level education to our college students and have a 100% pass rate.

At ILM we strive to ensure children from poor backgrounds are not deprived of a quality education. At our schools, we monitor student progress every six months. We work closely with teachers and school/orphanage staff to maintain high educational standards. We encourage staff to contact us frequently about student needs.

Sponsor an Orphan and their education from £30 per month or £360 per year.

Religious Education: Hifz-e-Quran Sponsorship

Faith is an integral part of society for many cultures in the developing world. It is conducive to human perseverance, development, social equality and justice. Often, faith enables people to overcome hardships through strength of spirit, and holds communities together.

At ILM we recognise the importance of faith, and run Hifz e Quran courses. Hifz e Quran refers to learning the whole Quran by heart. The courses enable students to master Islamic scripture through memorisation and Tafsir –exegetic understanding.

Sponsor an Hafiz Student from £25 per student per month, or £300 per class per month. 


We want all children to be able to live in a loving family environment where they can reach their full potential of a bright and successful future, and have a place where they can call home. 

Our Orphanages provide just that; they offer a safe home, education, health care and security for our children.

Al Haq Islamic Trust

Some of our schools double as orphanages. In Limbe, Malawi, ILM runs the Al Haq Islamic Trust, which is a safe haven for children with no parents or protectors. Here, our orphanage staff provide round the clock care for the children, some of whom are as young as 2 years. The staff are also charged with teaching the children, to ensure they are not deprived of the education and opportunities for personal development that every child deserves.

Our Happy Home, Lucknow

We want to build even more; so we have just launched an exciting new project for an Orphan Village in Lucknow called Happy Home.A brand new village in Lucknow will accomodate 100’s of orphans and provide them with a safe and family orientated home.

Help us continue to build our Happy Home. Donate £50 per sq ft, or £1000 per room.