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- Medical packs from £25
- Food packs from £50
- Temporary Shelter from £100

Disasters and Emergencies

Pakistan Floods

People are fighting for clean water as unsanitary waters billow down residential streets, this devastating flood by heavy monsoon affects 14 million people. Figures are not yet in as this disaster unfolds but it is certainly expected to be thousands of casualties and many deaths. Crops and livestock have simply been washed away, roads caving in, from extensive sink holes. Infrastructure is in turmoil. We need to get help to these desperate people as a matter of utmost priority. Authorities are overwhelmed and are yet to intervene. In one province alone up to 650,000 homes were lost.

ILM UK's Goal

ILM team is deployed on the ground providing communities with the need and attention they require during this time. We will provide food and shelter to all those affected by the floods. Flood victims are in desperate need of food packs, blankets, medical attention and shelter.

How can you help:

Medical Kit - £25

Food and water packs - £50

Temporary Shelter - £100