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Orphan Weddings

Provide a wedding for £50 per month

Due to crushing poverty, countless Orphans in South Asian countries are unable to get married. They become so desperate they often resort to extreme measures. ILM UK believe in secular weddings for any needy couples. 

ILM UK supports orphans in these difficult situations by providing them with basic items necessary for newlyweds. We also offer some financial assistance to offset other marriage expenses since we only want to see happy, smiling faces. We work throughout India and Pakistan to ensure that orphans get married and have the best start in life. 

Typically, a wedding package provided to a newly married couple includes a bed, bed linen, kitchen utensils, a stove, clean clothes and footwear, a cash gift, the Quran and other religious books and a prayer mat. Guests of the bride and groom are served food on the day of the wedding for up to 70 people. 

We also specialise in organising mass weddings – ensuring a joyous day for the happy couples, families and friends alike.

Please support our Orphan Wedding Programme to spread happiness and joy throughout our operating area – Thank you.

How you can help:

Sponsor a wedding - £41.66 per month

Sponsor a full wedding - £500

Single or monthly donations of any amount will help towards our wedding programme.

The importance of Marriage in Islam:
Allah has created men and women
as company for one another, and so that
they can procreate and live in peace
and tranquillity according to the
commandments of Allah and the
direction of His Messenger.