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Famine doesn't have to be fate... Our action can stop it!

ILM UK’s Nutrition Africa programme provides timely solutions that build independence...

ILM UK’s Nutrition Africa Programme works with communities to overcome adversity. If you can help a population to be prepared for the next crisis and provide emergency supplies if a situation becomes dire this is the optimum solution. 

Working with high risk societies improve both readiness and an ability to cope.

Our aims are to:

• instil better farming methodology with practical training;

• offer solutions for alternative livelihoods;

• provide a reliable source of clean water as a necessity.

Should a situation escalate where the community can no longer cope, it is our duty as a priority to supply food and whatever is a necessity for a particular emergency response.

We will:

• distribute nutritious food and clean water to populations at risk;

• ensure food and water access is prioritised for women and girls;

• provide help to any victims of assault and ensure they receive the medical care they require.


How can you help?

It’s simple to donate to our unprecedented programme to change the lives of families in Malawi & Mozambique...

Basic farming equipment - £30.00

Family food packs - £40.00

Farm improvement technology - £500.00

In 2019 the strongest cyclone ever to affect Mozambique and Malawi hit already devastated countries. 

Still reeling from previous cyclones, the anxiety of a tenuous existence and living in an inhospitable environment; people woke to find their crops simply washed away due to the severe weather. Aerial footage of the Cyclones showed people huddled together in dry areas, with nothing, waiting to be rescued. Overflowing rivers submerged villages and isolated communities and farmland was devastated. Now, after the Cyclones, the drought has arrived once more and Farmers, Mother’s and their children hope for rain once more and plant crops in anticipation.

It’s a vicious circle, a huge risk with no guarantees since there’s only a two week window remaining for the rains to come once more. A food crisis is never far away; People in Malawi and Mozambique are at the mercy of continual natural disaster and climate changes that they have no control over. 

We aim to help alleviate this unprecedented suffering with support, food aid and education in traditional farming techniques. Famine affects everyone in society, there is no progression for people who worry where their next meal will come from. Therefore through your kind donations food does not have to be their main concern, and potential will be realised into the future.