This Muharram, give to our Water Saves Lives projects by building a well in the name of the Prophets family.

The holy month of Muharram is a time of reflection, remembrance, and gratitude of the past and strengthen our faith by giving water to those who have no access to the most basic need.

People with no access to running water are forced to look for it. It’s the women and children who are given this responsibility in most households. Every day, they have to make long, often dangerous journeys to the nearest water source. The time it takes could otherwise be spent caring for children; working at income generating jobs; or attending school.

By building a hand pump or a well you will be helping those less fortunate have access to clean water and in turn improve their health, giving them the time and opportunity to go back to school or earn an income – lifting them out of poverty.

The Prophet (saw) said: “The best charity is to provide water.” [Ibn Majah]

Help an entire community, save lives and earn your Sadaqah.

Give a Hand Pump from £170: In the countries we operate, hand pumps are the most popular solution for mid to small sized communities. They are quick to install within 2-3 hours and easy to build with simple tools. They are hard-wearing and can last for over 50 years.

Give a Motor pump from £300 (India and Pakistan only): Motor Pumps are motor powered water pumps. They cost more than a hand pump does but produce more water to go around. One motor pump can produce enough water for an entire village.

Give a Water Well from £800: In areas with a bigger population, or for farming communities with a greater need for water, ILM builds water wells. Water wells can provide water for an entire village and all its basic needs.