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Mosques and Recreational Centres

Build a Mosque in this world and build your palace in Jannah!

Mosques are the centre of any community where people can congregate for their five daily prayers and Friday sermons. A Mosque serves as a place where Muslims can come together not only for prayers but for information, education and meetings.

The Mosque is primarily, a place for prayer, reflection and meditation; a place for the practice of the Islamic faith in the community and a centre of public life.

A dedicated place to practice and share your faith is so important, but within Muslim communities in the developing world, they don’t always have this option.
Donating towards the building of a blessed Masjid ensures our brothers and sisters in Asia and Africa can share in that very same joy!

How you can help:

Build a small Mosque from £5,000

Build a medium-sized Mosque from £8,000

Build a large Mosque from £10,000

Single or monthly donations of any amount will help towards our Mosque appeal.