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URGENT APPEAL - DONATE NOW - Kerala Flood – India 2018

Disasters and Emergencies

Kerala Flood – India 2018

Severe flooding has affected the state of Kerala in India, during the monsoons and heavy rain this year. The flooding is said to be the worse in nearly a century with 400 lives lost and counting, whilst over 1,000,000 people are displaced. All 14 districts that make up the state are put on high alert during this time. Villages have been lost to landslide and temporary bridges are being made to enable transportation. A total of 2,406 villages have been badly damaged. Those who have survived the flood are likely to be hit by an outbreak of water-borne diseases and other contagious sickness.

ILM UKs Goal

ILM INDIA team is deployed on the ground on the instructions of ILM UK providing the survivors with the need and attention they require during this time. We will provide food and shelter to all those affected by the floods. Flood victims are in desperate need of food packs, blankets, medical attention and shelter.

ILM UK will Provide: -

Cooked Food Pack - £3/Day

- Cooked Food

- Water Bottle

- Energy Drinks

Sleeping Essentials - £15/Person

- Blanket

- Pillow

- Bedsheet

- Mattress

Hygiene and Baby Care Kit - £15/Week

- Soap

- Toothbrush/Toothpaste

- Nappies

- Anti-Allergic Powder

- Milk Powder

- Horlicks

- Small Towel

- Wet Wipes

- Tissue Papers

- First Aid Kit

Tent - £10/Family

Medical Camp for 1000 People - £200/Day

KERALA FLOODS - Please Donate - ILM UK are at the disaster NOW