Help break their never-ending fast!

Help break their never-ending fast!

Hunger kills. Every year there are millions of Muslims who’s fasting never ends. Fasting requires that a person abstains from food or drink between sunrise and sunset and breaks their fast, during Iftar. Yet many people do not have enough food or water to do so.

ILM provides food packages to the poor and widowed on monthly basis, during Ramadan we provide more than 6,000 packs to under privileged families.  We organise Iftari programmes where poor families can gather and open their fasts.


Please help us reach even more families than ever before! For £45 we can provide a food pack to one family which will give them enough food for the entire Holy month.

You can donate online, or call us on 01254 265451.

During Ramadan the reward for a good deed is multiplied by 70. As such, Muslims are encouraged to reap the blessings offered to them by engaging in good deeds throughout the entire month and what better way to secure a good deed than by giving in the way of charity!

Please don’t forget to pay your Zakat! We have a handy calculator, it couldn’t be simpler – click here.