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ILM UK focuses on providing accessible and affordable healthcare to rural communities in India,
South Asia, the Middle East and certain African countries.

We help deliver care in the most challenging and often remote places such as slums, ghetto’s and villages. From a doctor’s visit to surgeries, eye care to dialysis treatment your gift of healthcare really does go a long way.

We also respond rapidly with life saving care in times of crisis such as natural disasters and communal conflict.

In rural India, for every 800,000 people there are only 18 hospital beds. 80% of the hospital infrastructures are built in urban areas. This leaves the communities in rural India vulnerable and at high risk for illnesses that can easily be treated and more.

All our programmes refer to ‘real life’ scenarios, we provide HIV educational programmes, we provide insulin for diabetics, we deliver, set up and run medical camps in times of emergencies, promote general well-being and above all promote good health.

We provide basic education in health care with an emphasis on preventive health care; and to provide technical training to the local doctors and medical personnel.

How you can help:

Support our Health programme from £10.00 / month or £120.00 / per annum

Single or monthly donations of any amount will help towards our Healthcare programme.