Give the Gift of Education

Give the Gift of Education

In our society, attending school is a given for every child, and getting a basic education is something we’ve come to take for granted. But in the developing world, the opportunity to go to school isn’t just a blessing. It’s something most children from deprived backgrounds have to work very hard at.

At International Learning Movement, (ILM) we operate fourteen schools across four countries. Our flagship school is Shams National, in India’s Uttar Pradesh. This is one of India’s most impoverished regions, and it’s Muslim population form society’s most underprivileged and marginalised community.

Many of the children here come from broken families that are too poor to care for them. Many are forced to start working from a young age, to earn their keep and support the household. They provide cheap labour on farms, or clean houses for a meagre allowance. Most of them are exploited and taken advantage of.

At ILM, we don’t just work to give children the opportunity to go to school. We work hard at ensuring they continue their education and get the best out of it. Here’s how: The cost of our Education Sponsorship is a mere £30 a month. Alternatively, a one off payment of £360, will cover the cost of one child’s wellbeing and education for an entire school year. But this money goes a long way.

  • £5 goes towards providing every sponsored child with free, basic healthcare. Monthly check-ups ensure that children remain healthy. Free medical treatment ensures a child recovers quickly when he or she falls ill. Free healthcare, helps to improve a child’s school attendance.
  • £15 covers the cost of a child’s tuition, schoolbooks, and uniform. Where necessary, it also pays for their transport to and from school.
  • £10 goes towards, a monthly stipend paid to the guardian/parent of the sponsored child. This covers the child’s basic, daily needs at home. It ensures that children from very poor families can carry on learning instead of working to support their families.
  • In addition to this, ILM strives to provide students with a school meal during lunchtime, where possible.

For just £30 a month, you can help us provide for a child’s development and general wellbeing. Please Give the Gift of an Education today.