Gifts that will change lives

Gifts that will change lives

A time for giving… 

Just think, the unwanted basket of cosmetics, the latest video game, or that luxury perfume, all seems rather trivial compared to the lives of those who struggle to merely exist elsewhere in the world.

Give the gift of food this Christmas with ILM UK. Millions of people go hungry, give a food pack with a donation of £45 Give water this Christmas by donating a hand pump.

During the festive period we over in food and drink, wasting on average 4 million Christmas dinners! Yet there are 795 million people who go hungry. 62.8 million children suffer from malnutrition. Give the gift of food this Christmas – donate a food pack for £45. We take for granted grabbing a can of pop from the fridge, when there are 650 million people in the world who do not have access to our most basic need… water! Give the gift of life, by donating to our Water Saves Lives appeal.

Give the gift of love this Christmas to those children who have nothing. Sponsoring an Orphans gives them the chance for a secure family home, food, education, and healthcare.

Each household spends on average £473.83 on presents alone! But there are 140 million orphans worldwide, who often find themselves utterly helpless and forced to face an uncertain future all by themselves. At ILM we work to ensure no child is left behind, from as little as £1 a day we ensure children have a loving family home, education, food, clothes and basic needs. Give the gift of love with ILM UK from £30 per month.

Give the gift of futures to young people this Christmas, give them an education so they can go on to achieve their dreams. £10 a month will help us set up a classroom.

It’s also a special time for a lot of children at school, who take part in their annual Christmas plays, parties, and fairs. Yet for the 124 million children out of education miss out of a bright future and their dreams, there are also 168 million child labourers worldwide! Give the gift of education with ILM UK.

Give the gift of hope this Christmas with ILM UK

Families come together during the festive season, but for many families they no longer have a home due to natural disaster or conflict. They may have already spent months and years apart – there are approximately 19.5 million refugee’s and around 250 million children still living in countries affected by conflict. ILM UK are still working on the ground in Nepal rebuilding houses, Lebanon supporting refugee’s and areas in Pakistan after they suffered from earthquakes and flooding. They find it even harder in the winter months.  Give the gift of hope with ILM UK’s disaster & emergency appeal.

Thank you for your on-going support of 2016. Everyone at ILM UK would like to wish you and all your family and friends all the best during the festivities.