Perform Qurbani with ILM

So mention the name of Allah upon them when lined up [for sacrifice]; and when they are [lifeless] on their sides, then eat from them and feed the needy and the beggar. (22:36)

Muslims trace their tradition of Qurbani to the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (as), and his son, Ismael (as). Of the many things their story teaches us, one lesson rings most significant: Sacrifices, however personal, have the power to touch the lives of others for generations to come.

Qurbani is a religious obligation that can make an immediate difference in the lives of the poor. Your personal sacrifice can ensure a destitute family in a remote corner of the world will eat well throughout the coming weeks. At International Learning Movement (ILM), this is what we strive to achieve: personal sacrifices that make a global difference.

Qurbani Facts

The What: Qurbani, Qurban or Udhiya is the sacrifice of livestock in the Islamic tradition. Qurbani is performed prevalently throughout Muslim communities, during Eid al Adha. It can also be performed on a personal level at any time throughout the year. Muslims do so to reap its manifold blessings for special occasions and events.

The Why: Qurbani during Eid al Adha is the act of commemorating and remembering the sacrifice of Prophet Abraham (as). At least one third of sacrificial meat must be distributed to the poor –which makes Qurbani a significant act of charity.

The Who: Performing Qurbani during Eid al Adha is wajib –necessary for every adult Muslim who is financially able.

The When: The sacrifice must be performed on Eid day, preferably after the Eid prayer. It can also be performed on the second of third day of Eid.

The How: Animals that are acceptable for Qurbani are goats, sheep, cattle and camels. There are age restrictions for Qurbani animals. Goats and sheep must be over a year old; cows must be over two years old; and camels must be over five. A goat or sheep counts as one share –which is the necessary Qurbani per person. Larger animals like cattle count as seven shares, so that up to seven people can contribute towards the sacrifice of a cow or camel.

Qurbani with ILM

‘It is neither their flesh nor their blood that reaches Allah; it is your piety that reaches Him.’ (22:37)

Every year, ILM carries out Qurbani in developing countries, on behalf of donors worldwide. We provide for communities crippled by poverty, in regions where starvation is a reality of daily life. 

Roughly 100 million children in developing countries are underweight. 45% of child deaths in the world are due to hunger.

Last Eid al Adha, ILM was able to reach over 5000 people across India and Nepal, with a focus on poor villages in Uttar Pradesh; Bengal; Bihar and Gujarat. Our local teams carried out the sacrifice of 200 large animals and 43 small animals, to feed families who find little to eat throughout the year. The Qurbani packages they received from ILM, provided the first meat many of them had eaten in a very long time.

ILM’s Qurbani campaign this year is out to tackle hunger in some of the poorest communities from Malawi to Gaza .  Your Qurbani donation can make an immediate difference for a child who goes hungry most days of the year. It can ensure a poor family eats well during the festive period, and in the weeks to follow. Please help us reach more households this Eid, so no child goes hungry.

Donate your Qurbani today. Donate online or call our Qurbani hotline on: 01254 265 451