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Education for all

Sponsor a child’s education from £15 per month

The ethos throughout ILM UK is that ‘education’ is the key to help people break out of the poverty cycle.

By educating boys and girls in developing countries, we are giving them the tools for better opportunities and a brighter future. What’s more, acquired skills and knowledge are resources that can be shared and passed on, without compromise. Education doesn’t just empower individuals, it lifts entire communities.

Today, ILM UK operates fourteen schools across four countries, where Orphans are provided with a free education. Our schools benefit many children from the most underprivileged communities in Malawi, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

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How you can help:

Sponsor a child’s education - £15 per month

Sponsor a child’s education - £180 per year

Single or monthly donations of any amount will help towards our Education for All appeal.

Based in Uttar Pradesh, India,
Shams National
is ILM’s flagship school.
Here we run classes from nursery
to college level, for over 3,000 students.
More than half of our students come from
extremely poor families. Others are
orphans sponsored by ILM donors.