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Disaster Response Fund

When disaster strikes it’s important we are prepared to
assist immediately without waiting to raise funds.

Missing that crucial window of opportunity immediately after a natural disaster is simply, not an option. For the survivors, this crucial period can be the difference between life and death.

Throughout the developing world, existing poverty has a serious impact on the ability of communities to recover from conflicts and natural disasters. Where critical infrastructure is weak, dealing with the challenges of significant crisis can be intolerable for those with very little who usually end up with absolutely nothing.

ILM UK have dedicated teams throughout South Asia that are ready to respond to any emergency – we have responded to several emergencies over the years saving countless lives, rebuilding communities, providing food aid and providing reassurance when most needed.

Please give generously towards our Disaster Response fund so we can be prepared to act fast when we need too.

Support our Disaster Response Fund.
Help us be ready to act.

Nepal Earthquake

On 25 April 2015 a huge magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit the Nepalese countryside close to 50 miles from the capital Kathmandu.

The worst earthquake to hit Nepal for 80 years was followed by a second quake two weeks later. In those devastated weeks 8,891 people were killed, more than 22,300 injured, more than 893,000 homes were destroyed or damaged, as well as schools, clinics, temples and ancient buildings.


The disaster has affected 8.1 million people, many living in remote and mountainous areas of the country.

Our partners used ILM UK funds to reach 50 percent more people than originally planned with food, water shelter, medical care and essential supplies and will continue to work with people affected and Nepali organisations for another two years to help people recover incomes and rebuild lives.