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Support your neighbours

As Covid-19 continues to affect the UK, there are thousands
of vulnerable people across the country who will
struggle to make it through this distressing period

COVID-19 Appeal

As Covid-19 continues to affect the UK, there are thousands of vulnerable people across the country who will struggle to make it through this distressing period.

With this project, ILM UK aims to provide multiple services such as; food packs, prescription deliveries, hygiene packs, support lines and much more!

Show compassion during this period by sparing a small amount of money to help those who may already be living in poverty!

This crisis has left many elderly people unable to leave their home as the government has advised those over 70 years of age to stay isolated. Because of this, older people may be left unable to get hold of food as they may not know how to order it online or simply cannot afford it. With this project we will be dropping off food packs to these individuals to ensure that they have access to this simple human right.

Within the UK, there are many people working zero-hour contracts and living in poverty. We will be providing these individuals necessities including food and hygiene products. It is extremely important to look out for our community during this time as COVID-19 could leave many individuals living in dire conditions.

We also aim to distribute hygiene packs to the elderly and the homeless because these groups are vulnerable during this period. Products such as hand-sanitizer and hand wash have become impossible for the elderly to get hold of in the local supermarket and homeless individuals are unable to self-isolate. As a result, it is important that they are  provided with items that will help keep them safe. 

During this period, we will also be launching a support line which will allow elderly people to receive help without leaving their home or even just have someone to talk to.

How you can help:

You can come together with ILM UK and our partners to support elderly and vulnerable people.

A small donation will help us provide more hygiene packs, food packs and support for everyone.

Please also continue to check on your elderly neighbours, do what you can to support your community. We are always asking for volunteers if you have spare time.

Thank you! 

Our Partners;

In these unprecedented times, no one knows what is going to happen but we do know here at East Lancashire Hospice that we will put our resources into caring for the most vulnerable at a time when they need it. We are grateful to ILMUK. To choose us as one of the charities to benefit from this appeal, as we know now more than ever, that people need to look after their money so any amount received, that will go towards helping us to provide care for our patients during such uncertain times will be received with very grateful thanks and appreciation.

If you would like to donate you can do so directly through East Lancashire Hospice or through the ILMUK website,



We are supporting 10 families in our safe accommodation, ensuring they have food and essential items including nappies for the babies. 

Our service is in need of funding to support them during the period before they can access benefits, if eligible. At the present COVID-19 crisis-staff continue to work with the families in order to support their emotional well-being.  

Our public activities at the centre have been put on hold until further notice. However, we can offer telephone support. If you would like to donate this can be done directly to Humraaz, 01254 695800 or through the ILMUK website,


Age UK Blackburn with Darwen is a local independent charity which exists to support older people, many of whom are in the ‘at risk’ groups from the Covid-19 corona virus.

Our Switchboard and Advice and Information service will be available; by telephone 01254 266620, by email [email protected],
visit or message us via our social media.

At this time, we would really welcome financial donations from those who may feel able to support our work. Donations can be made via our website or through the ILMUK website