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- Medical packs from £25
- Food packs from £50
- Temporary Shelter from £100

Disasters and Emergencies

Bangladesh Floods

Over a third of land is now submerged in Bangladesh and there is more rain on the way - already over 3 million people have been affected, and it's been reported a further 7.5 million are at risk. The humanitarian crisis is deepening due to natural disasters, livelihoods, homes and crops have been destroyed in already impoverished villages. They need food, shelter and medical items as they prepare for more flooding, and even more villages being affected. Many incomes have already been hit by the government’s closure of 25 state-owned jute mills, and by the Covid-19 pandemic.

ILM UK's Goal

ILM team is deployed on the ground providing communities with the need and attention they require during this time. We will provide food and shelter to all those affected by the floods. Flood victims are in desperate need of food packs, blankets, medical attention and shelter.

How can you help:

Medical Kit - £25

Food and water packs - £50

Temporary Shelter - £100