Turkey & Syria Crisis

Gaziantep, home to 2 million people in south-eastern Turkey and also bordering north-western Syria, became the epicentre of a devastating earthquake in the early hours of Monday 6th February.

Turkey & Syria Crisis
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The 7.8 magnitude earthquake was followed by more than 300 aftershocks that have devastated the lives over 13 million people, resulting in 7,800 deaths and 31,777 injuries. As rescue efforts continue, it is clear that these numbers are just the beginning of one of the deadliest tragedies to strike this region.
But why has this catastrophic event led to the scale of destruction we are seeing? Gaziantep is home to a large amount of Syrian refugees and the old, substandard infrastructure has led to approximately 3,000 collapsed buildings. Furthermore, the region is currently being struck by cold winter weather as low as -15 C, worsening the conditions for those affected.
What can we do?
ILM are working with partners on the ground to deliver Emergency responses such as food, medical aid and essentials to those affected. Donate now to save lives and help those in need today.
  • £60 can provide food for an entire month
  • £125 can provide emergency kits
  • £175 can provide medical aid
  • £15,000 can construct a mobile health clinic for 1 month

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