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Gaza Medical Aid

Gaza Medical Aftercare 

We're providing urgently needed medical aftercare for patients who have recently been discharged from hospitals with life changing injuries.

ILM is working with established partners on the ground in Gaza providing urgently needed medical aid. The programme has been running since March 2024 and serves more than 300 patients in North and South Gaza.

This initiative is crucial to help with long-term healing and to prevent infection and deterioration of health. If simple things like bandages are not changed regularly, this could lead to serious infection. Patients who have had amputations or metal braces drilled into to their bones to help preserve limbs also require special attention and support.

The medical team run a field clinic and also go door-to-door, tent-to-tent, risking their own lives to help provide some comfort and relief to patients who are victims of the ongoing attacks on Gaza. 

Your support will enable us to continue with the essential, life-saving work.


  • £50 - Cooked Meals for 10 Patients
  • £100 - Sponsor Aftercare for 1 Patient
  • £300 - Sponsor Aftercare for 3 Patients
  • £1,000 - Sponsor Medical Team For 1 Day (15 patients)

100% Zakat Policy

What you give is what those who need it get - 100% of your Zakat