Afghanistan Earthquake Appeal

Afghanistan has suffered a devastating earthquake measuring 6.1 magnitude. The epicentre was near Khost on the Pakistan border, with tremors felt in the capital Kabul, and covering an area of 500 km, as far as India.

Afghanistan Earthquake Appeal
Your donation will help save lives.

Over a thousand are dead and the death tolls are rising. Many more are affected by the deadly earthquake which has added to a long list of crises the country is already facing. Vulnerable families were already struggling to cope with the impact of severe drought during the winter, economic collapse, food shortages and then severe storms and recent flooding.

ILM teams are on the ground providing emergency relief.

Emergency Aid is urgent. Time matters, and the sooner we receive your donations, the sooner we can act.

Don’t leave our Afghan brothers and sisters alone in their hour of need. Donate now to give them the strength to survive this devastating humanitarian crisis.

£85 – Emergency Food and hygiene pack for one family

£170 - Emergency Food and hygiene pack for two families

£125 – Qurbani in Afghanistan

£1000 – Rebuild a home