Who we work with

International Learning Movement (ILM) works with organisations and other leading charities around the globe. In our endeavour to alleviate poverty and support sustainable change, working with others enables us to expand our reach and impact.


imagesOne of our key partners is the British Council. They’ve been supporting sustainable change and helping to improve people’s lives in South Asia for over 60 years. Their experience in this ever-changing region has led to powerful relationships on the ground, valuable high-level networks and a sensitive understanding of the local situation.



ILM works with Muslim Global Relief (MGR), a UK based charity and development organisations. They run development projects aimed at alleviating poverty and promoting social integration and inclusion. MGR has been providing aid in developing countries for over 15 years.


Final Logo.inddWe operate in partnership with the Penny Appeal. They’re out to make charitable giving affordable and rewardable, while transforming lives in ways that cost donors just a few pennies each day.




ILM works with Muslim Hands. Muslim Hands is a UK based charity that provides aid to vulnerable people across the world by empowering communities and addressing the root causes of poverty.