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About Us

Eradicating global poverty is no easy feat, but when united, there's little that humans
cannot change or achieve.

International Learning Movement (ILM UK) is a UK registered charity, dedicated to supporting some of the world’s poorest people in developing countries.

International Learning Movement is a UK registered charity, dedicated to supporting some of the world’s poorest people in developing countries. We tackle poverty at its root, by improving access to education and providing society’s most vulnerable with opportunities for a better quality of life. Our core projects are Education, Orphan Welfare & Support, Safe Drinking Water and Healthcare with a focus on Eye Care.

Founded in October 2003, we are well-established, a progressive charity operating from our offices in Blackburn, UK. Our goal is to ensure that through our donors, our contribution to society makes a genuine, positive, long-lasting difference to the people who need it most. 

The majority of our work physically takes place ‘on the ground’ in countries within South Asia and Africa, we operate in a fair and transparent way and are fully accountable at all times. As a consequence, we have also established ‘country’ offices in India, Pakistan, Malawi and Bangladesh.

Through our generous donors we raise funds and maintain awareness to protect the rights of society’s most vulnerable: orphans, widows, the elderly and the frail.


International Learning Movement UK serves the following purposes:

  • To generate understanding and deal with the problems facing orphans and the needy throughout South Asia and Africa
  • To motivate the general public, businesses, corporate enterprise and Governments to get involved with our cause and help the needy throughout our operating area
  • To provide Education, Orphanages and Child Welfare facilities throughout South Asia and Africa together with the provision of clean, safe drinking water and healthcare
  • To work with and support organisations and projects through charities that have similar goals to International Learning Movement UK

We support other projects too – we focus on the provision of food aid, eye care, and disaster & emergency relief as well as religious education, women’s empowerment, community projects and more recently, sustainable farming and fruit tree sponsorship.

The Prophet Muhammad
said: "Do not turn away a
poor man... even if all you
can give is half a date.
If you love the poor and
bring them near you...
God will bring you near
Him on the Day of

ILM UK’s core values are truly inspired by the Islamic principle, which honours society’s most marginalised and advocates caring for the vulnerable and the underprivileged throughout the world. We believe in working together.

Raising Awareness: The global and social issues that our world faces today relate to all of us, even though many of us in the developed world are not directly affected by them. ILM UK strives to raise awareness of these issues through online appeals, our website and through social media. We work to promote a better understanding of human rights issues including equal opportunities, gender and social equality, poverty and financial justice. We encourage donors, volunteers and supporters to spread the word and do the same.

Accountability is about being responsible to someone for actions taken; about being able to explain, clarify and justify actions. ILM UK acknowledges that someone has a right to know and hold us to account; and that the organisation has a duty to explain and account for its actions. Therefore, ILM UK has this duty as they have a privileged status because their purposes are solely for the benefit of the public.

Transparency is about being easy to understand, and being open, frank and honest in all communications, transactions and operations. Accountability and transparency go hand-in-hand, and involve being aware of who we are accountable to, what the important pieces of information are, and how they can be communicated most effectively.

Key Principles: ILM UK are honest and truthful, and comply with the law; it is best practice for us to respect the reasonable requests of donors and other stakeholders, and operate in order to give donors, beneficiaries and other stakeholders a better understanding of how the charity works, its clients, and it’s fundraising